InsSciDE’s report on ocean science diplomacy was completed in June 2022 and expands on earlier reflections published in November 2021.

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Ocean governance is not receiving enough attention given the central position of the ocean in human survival, environmental sustainability and societal prosperity. Human activities – ranging from resource exploitation to military activities to pollution and beyond – are invoking dire
consequences for the ocean with no clear path to recovery. While different regions of the ocean face unique challenges requiring tailored approaches, we refer to the ocean as a single entity to underscore that the consequences of its destruction and mismanagement are boundaryless. European ocean science diplomacy (OSD) tools can be used to elevate the issues facing the ocean and develop sustainable pathways ahead. With the United Nations Decade of the Ocean for Sustainable Development still in the early stages, we review formal and informal experiences of OSD and examine the resources at the EU’s disposal to attain the objectives for ocean sustainability in the coming years.

Ocean Science Diplomacy_InsSciDE Issue Paper

Issue Paper: Ocean Science Diplomacy