On this page, you will find various resources on science diplomacy that were designed by  InsSciDE, S4D4C, and EL-CSID.  Any other resources from the science diplomacy alliances will also be added to this page.

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Science Diplomacy Online Courses

  • The EU Science Diplomacy Online Course: S4D4C European Science Diplomacy Online Course introduces you to the field of science diplomacy. The course benefits from a theoretical as well as a practical dimension, as it gives information about the conceptual framing of science diplomacy, the variety of stakeholders and networks involved, including a whole module focused on the European Union, different implementation strategies, skills needed in the field of science diplomacy and some case studies of science diplomacy in practice. After successfully completing the course, you will be able to download an official certificate. Important to know as well: The course is 100% free of charge. To register for the course please visit the S4D4C website.


Training Material

All training material is available for use and download on this page.

Science Diplomacy Case studies

During the course of the S4D4C and InsSciDE project, experts investigated science diplomacy from the lenses of different times, topics, and spaces. Those case studies are all available on this website:

S4D4C Case Studies
In the course of the S4D4C  project, a range of nine science diplomacy cases were investigated. A mixed team of researchers have developed nine case studies, which each provide an overview of the case and its background, context and governance arrangements, further providing a description of the stakeholder landscape and a discussion of governance practices. They look at the EU level as well as selected examples from the national level that vary case to case. The case studies examine the use of knowledge, the relations between governance levels and provide a discussion on how the case improves or changes our ...
InsSciDE Case Studies
The InsSciDE project sought to develop an in-depth understanding of EU science diplomacy experience through historical research that plots the practices, stakes and networks of actors involved in cases of science diplomacy spanning the 19th century to present day. InsSciDE will produce 24 case studies associated with five themes under the umbrella of science diplomacy: Heritage, Health, Security, Environment and Space, as well as the transversal research strand Science Diplomats. Below you can find the studies published so far in the form of scientific publications. In the final phase of the project, the cases will be consolidated and harmonized into ...


Reports and Policy Briefs

All of the reports and policy briefs from the InsSciDE and S4D4C projects are compiled here.

You can also access the project outputs from the EL-CSID project here.


Science Diplomacy Library

We have collected key readings on science diplomacy in one page, click here to start reading.

In addition to the library, a collection of resources on policies, actors, and science diplomacy initiatives are available on the S4D4C website.