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23-24 June 2022
Paris, France

The InsSciDE project’s Concluding Conference will showcase more than four years of work, address ongoing transformations in science and diplomacy such as open science and multilingualism, and look to the future with the European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance.

A showcase of 4.5 years of research

InsSciDE has produced over two dozen case studies on science diplomacy, illuminating its diverse actors, the complex processes, the varying interests at stake and its lengthy history. 


Other outputs to explore include materials from the pilot program Warsaw Science Diplomacy School, the strategy report 'Leveraging Science Diplomacy in an Era of Geo-Economic Rivalry' and a series of issue papers. 

in the heart of paris:
unesco & the sorbonne

From the Sorbonne‘s Maison de la Recherche to the Richelieu Amphitheater, the workshops and discussions of Day 1 are held in the charming surroundings of the famous Latin Quarter.


On Day 2 attendees enjoy coffee and croissants on the historic grounds of UNESCO, where paintings and artifacts from around the world are displayed along the hallways, before sessions begin in one of its classic executive conference rooms. 

Interactive workshops

Interactive workshops and plenary debates enable a dive deep into the research generated by InsSciDE and the practical takeaways for the future of science diplomacy. 


Attendees are invited to collectively explore the most pressing issues in science diplomacy and possible tools and solutions, alongside experts from InsSciDE, the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance, as well as from the vast field of science diplomacy practice.

interdisciplinary & international endeavour

Hailing from 11 European countries, InsSciDE members themselves represent the disciplines of international relations, science and technology studies, sociology and history. 


Senior scholars, policy experts and cabinet members are invited to convene to discuss next steps in the field of science diplomacy, from its still-contested definition to practical advice for an EU-level science diplomacy strategy.  


Interpretation is available in English and French for the sessions on Day 2.

InsSciDE has received funding under the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme (grant agreement n° 770523, 2018-2022)

This event is not organized by the French government. However, it is authorized by the French government to use the emblem of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union.