The CTS-Colloquium (Ciencia tecnologia e sociedade) an annual session cycles and a platform for building a STS-network, with a focus (but not exclusively) on the Ibero-American region. The CTS Colloquium promote debates by striving to understand the complex relationships involved in the Science, Technology and Society triad, approaching from philosophical and epistemological dimensions to socio-historical and political-institutional factors, including scientific policies, from education and development. The CTS Colloquium thus constitute a space for reflection and interaction of the STS community, giving voice to Ibero-American perspectives and with the horizon of bringing together different traditions and academic communities, expanding the dialogue between the global South and North.

The upcoming session at 7pm CEST on June, 9th 2023 features Kleinsy Bonilla (Rainforest Foundation Norway) and the Alliance colleague Tim Flink (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Robert Merton Center – RMZ) to talk about Science and Technology Diplomacy.

Join the public session here on Youtube.


3rd International STS-Colloquium with focus on the Ibero-American space