Thanks to the Norway-EU Science Diplomacy network, partners from the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance met in North Norway for a study visit.

The programme included visits to SIOS Polar Night Week, with a focus on Collaboration in Svalbard including discussions with Bo Andersen, University of Oslo and other SIOS attendees and organisers; a visit to Ksat to discuss tech-diplomacy and issues of satellite communication and Svalsat. Dr. Miyase Christensen, participant in the group and member of the former InsSciDE consortium gave a keynote at the SIOS Polar Night Week and other participants who were previously involved in the S4D4C and InsSciDE consortia shared information with the audience as well. The field visit included a visit to the Svalbard Museum which was just about to be relaunched. At UNIS – The university centre in Svalbard, the partners had the possibilities to learn about the study programmes, international participation and the networks of the northermost university center. Further visits included the Mine 3, including a seed valut and world history storage.

After the visit in Svalbard, the group continued in Tromsø with a Panel at the Arctic Frontiers, entitled “Norway-EU Science Diplomacy Network: Developing a European Framework for Science Diplomacy” and several discussions with delegations from the US (American Presence Post), China etc. and scientific exchanges.

Norway-EU Science Diplomacy Network field trip to Svalbard and Tromsø