The European Commission has recently launched a specialized webpage centered around science diplomacy as part of its International Cooperation section (Research & Innovation). This launch positions science diplomacy alongside other key topics and initiatives like the Multilateral Dialogue on values and principles and Strategic autonomy and European economic security. It underscores that science diplomacy is part of the EU’s priority of making Europe stronger in the world.

The new website presents an overview of pivotal EU policy documents that have reinforced the prominence of science diplomacy within the EU’s science policy framework and, additionally, it sheds light on the historical trajectory of European Science Diplomacy, emphasizing the significant contributions of the Alliance’s foundational research projects S4D4C, InsSciDE and EL-CSID and the role of the Alliance. And what’s more: new measures towards a European Science Diplomacy framework are announced. Stay tuned!


New Webpage by the European Commission on Science Diplomacy