SciDip Trivia

See full description, details and a questions pool here: Social_SciDip Trivia_InsSciDE CTM

Based on SciDip Trivia Night hosted online by InsSciDE for World Science Day 2020

Description (virtual game)

Social activities are an effective way to help trainees build connections within their cohort. A well-placed game may also serve as a highly valued pause in a heavy curriculum or conference program. Get inspired by this game of SciDip Trivia and host it online or in person.

Learning objectives:
● Have fun testing knowledge about SD and related topics while competing in teams.

● Trivia game application such as Slido, Mentimeter, Kahoot, Connecteam
● ‘SciDip Trivia Questions Pool’, a list of trivia questions to choose from
● Two or more game hosts

Preparing the game:
1. Choose questions from the SciDip Trivia Questions Pool and add them to the trivia
2. Assign game host roles – choose from animator/main host, scoring, technician.
a. Animator – explains game to participants and reads the questions
b. Questions tech – shares screen with the trivia app and timer, moves between
c. Teams tech – notes team names and members and keeps score, if needed, and
manages break out groups
3. Practice using the trivia application with Zoom
4. Host the game!

Hosting the game:
1. Participants sign into Zoom – keep a gallery view and encourage videos on to make it
more personal
2. Instructions of the game – players sign into the quiz app, host reads the question,
participants are placed in breakout groups for 3 minutes, no Googling allowed.
3. Host reads questions and multiple choice answers displayed on a shared screen
4. Participants are split into breakout groups and technician starts the timer for 3 minutes
5. Participants return to plenary to discuss the answer to the previous question (optional)
and to read the next question
6. Repeat steps 3-5 until questions are finished
7. Announce the winners!

SciDip Trivia