In this exercise students practice formulating advice for achieving specific strategic objectives related to SD and present it to a mock ‘Executive Committee’ (EXCO). It is ideally performed in a multidisciplinary and international environment in which individuals in each group contribute unique expertise and viewpoints. The exercise is rooted in six strategic objectives outlined in InsSciDE’s recommendation for European SD strategy (Fägersten) and includes the use of case studies.

EXCO Strategy Advice Exercise
Exercise prompt and Fägersten’s Six Strategic Objectives to Strengthen Science Diplomacy for Europe


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Fägersten’s Six Strategic Objectives to Strengthen SD for Europe

1. Strengthen a free and vibrant European scientific community – the “home base” of science is a prerequisite for successful science diplomacy.
2. Agree principles on scientific cooperation in an era of regime divergence and competition – a path between unfettered cooperation and scientific decoupling can be established towards relations with non-democracies.
3. Foster capabilities and a culture of scientific advice in foreign policymaking – the EU foreign policy machinery can be adapted to make better use of science and scientific advice.
4. Increase the cohesion of EU level efforts – the European Commission, the External Action Service and other EU actors can coordinate better on common goals.
5. Increase the cohesion of EU and member state efforts – coordination can be facilitated on the diverse efforts by the EU and member states.
6. Leverage potential science diplomacy stakeholders – bridges to and joint platforms with the full ecosystem of science diplomacy actors can be established while still respecting their different roles. 


Optional materials

  • Science diplomacy basics from the European Science Diplomacy Online Course.
  • Full recommendation on European SD strategy, containing Fägersten’s Strategic Objectives: ‘Leveraging Science Diplomacy in an Era of Geo-Economic Rivalry Towards a European strategy’
  • Recorded lectures:
    • Power, Actors and Interests of European Science Diplomacy – WSDS21 (Fägersten, 2021)
    • Linking the Past, Present and Future in Science Diplomacy Strategy – WSDS21 (Fägersten, 2021)
  • External experts to engage with students’ presentations
View the full exercise here
EXCO Strategy Advice Exercise