Figure “Science Diplomacy: Vision, Instruments And Actors”

Showing this figure will allow trainees to understand ways in which science diplomacy can contribute to solving global challenges, to understand different aspects of the concept and to broaden the understanding that different actors can be involved in the different

Open Science Diplomacy

The presentation builds on the S4D4C case study on Open Science Diplomacy. It includes basic information about Open Science and its benefits and challenges for Science Diplomacy in the light of European efforts in the context of “Open Innovation, Open

Solar Radiation Management

Solar radiation management is a theoretical approach to reducing some of the impacts of climate change. The session involves a short description of the approach as well as a jigsaw negotiation exercise on the topic. The exercise aims at appreciating

Water Diplomacy

The material presents the case study “Water diplomacy and its future in the national, regional, and European environments” within the S4D4C project. The S4D4C case on water diplomacy illustrates that there is no single understanding of the link between water

Ice-breaking-Interactive Session

This is an interactive session to kick off a training workshop in Science Diplomacy to identify knowledge strengths and weaknesses in participants, followed by a short presentation to establish some basic concepts and introduce the whole workshop structure. With this

Study Trips

We recommend to include a study visit in any of your training programmes and share some lessons learnt from the S4D4C experiences: The S4D4C-Workshop in Trieste included a field visit to the synchrotron facility Elettra. The visit aimed at highlighting

International Science Ecosystems

The presentation introduces the international science system. It highlights its complexity, illustrates the variety of actors involved, explores the issues that a scientist may encounter in his/her profession and tackles at the communication mechanisms between science and policy. You can

Presentation on Negotiation Skills

This presentation provides general rules for preparing negotiations as well as a very short summary of the Harvard Negotiation Method. It offers examples from our working experiences related to the preparation of S&T agreement negotiations. It is best paired with