Science Diplomacy Ally Talks

Science Diplomacy Ally Talks

Science diplomacy is grounded in dialogue, networks and exchange of ideas. Science Diplomacy Ally Talks is a structure that pairs professionals or students new to science diplomacy with a more experienced or differently focused member of the science diplomacy community.

Co-creation workshop

With this training material S4D4C presents an empirically founded co-creation approach to exploring and understanding the contemporary topic of science diplomacy. A core aspect of the envisioned approach is the openness of the discussion. This ideally suits the development of

Exercise on Negotiations Skills

This exercise introduces the topic of negotiations. This session adds an interactive element to your training: the participants can exchange their experiences and create their own Do ́s and Don ́t. The exercise offers a good transition to the main

Science Diplomacy Stakeholders

Science Diplomacy is a fluid concept that depends on the challenge addressed, the sector and field concerned, the regions/countries involved. As it is very context specific, science diplomats needs skills to adequately map the stakeholder landscape they operate in. This