The Global Approach to Research and Innovation (R&I) presents the Commission’s perspective for Europe’s strategy on international cooperation in research and innovation. It was launched in May 2021 – for more information, please see:

global approach

The strategy includes key objectives that aim to enhance the EU’s leading role on research and innovation in the world, notably through modulating cooperation with key international partners based on EU commitment to international openness and fundamental values. It also includes a series of specific key actions, to develop in synergies with Member States, such as working with international partners to develop common principles on research and innovation and strengthening the partnership with Africa, that aim to contribute in reaching its objectives.

The objectives include:

  • Promoting principles for international cooperation in research and innovation with international partners in areas such as academic freedom, research ethics and gender equality.
  • Developing guidelines dealing with foreign interference that targets European universities and research organisations.
  • Jointly developing roadmaps with key non-EU country partners with a strong research and innovation base, to reach a level playing field and reciprocity in research and innovation cooperation.
  • Scaling up cooperation with key partner countries and regions such as Africa, to accelerate sustainable and inclusive development and the transition to knowledge-based societies and economies.




European Commission: Global Approach to Research and Innovation