On November 26, 2021, the Pact for Research and Innovation and the Policy Agenda with ERA actions have been adopted at the Competitiveness Council setting out common values and principles for R&I for the first time, the Pact shows the EU’s and Member States’ commitment to the European Research Area

In Action 9 related to the first priority, one of the announced outcomes is the “European Science Diplomacy Agenda”.

More information: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/IP_21_6270



The global environment in which international R&I cooperation is taking place has greatly changed over the past decade. Geopolitical tensions are rising, and human rights and fundamental European values, such as academic freedom, are being challenged. Europe should establish its leadership on the basis of shared values and principles.

In response to current global trends, the EU will lead by example, promoting rules-based multilateralism, pursuing reciprocal openness in R&I cooperation and modulating its bilateral relations in R&I in line with European interests and values. The EU will launch a multilateral dialogue on shared values and principles for R&I at a high-level, international conference in March 2022. This approach will also be implemented through Horizon Europe (e.g. in modulated possibilities for participation depending on country/calls).

The EU should ensure that technology is developed for the benefit of individuals and societies, respecting high ethical standards, academic freedom and human rights. This is necessary, not only for the respect of European values and principles, but also to maintain the EU’s strategic autonomy. It is important that the EU protects its researchers and innovation stakeholders, and that it leads by example on these matters.


  • Further develop values and principles for international cooperation in R&I as set out in the Council Conclusions on the Global approach to Research and Innovation – Europe’s strategy for international cooperation in a changing world to be promoted in multilateral dialogues with partner countries and international fora

  • Launch one pilot initiative on the Team Europe approach for a specific world region and/or topic

  • Develop a European Science Diplomacy Agenda

  • Promote a coordinated joint approach for engagement in multilateral initiatives

DOWNLOAD: ec_rtd_era-policy-agenda-2021

ERA European Science Diplomacy Agenda