The Council conclusions on the Global Approach to R&I, Europe’s strategy for international cooperation in a changing world have been adopted on 28 September 2021.

Among other aspects the conclusions underline the importance of openness and international cooperation in research infrastructures for the advancement of science, science diplomacy, tackling global challenges and increasing access to excellence; recognises the significance of multilateral cooperation (e.g. PRIMA, BANOS, Blue Med, etc.) in the context of science diplomacy and most importantly CALLS ON the Commission and the European External Action Service to develop a European Science Diplomacy Agenda and to present it to the Council, to explore designating science focal points in order to ensure adequate capacities for science in Union delegations, to foster cooperation with Member States’ science counsellors in third countries, to consider involving representatives of the rotating Presidency in joint steering committee meetings, based on bilateral agreements between the Union and third countries, and to report to the Council on their progress by 2023; INVITES the Commission and the Member Statesto explore setting-up appropriate mechanisms for cooperation in the fields of science, innovation and cultural diplomacy in line with the recommendation of SFIC and other relevant expert organisations9; HIGHLIGHTS the importance of integrating the Global Approach in R&I in the Union’s external action and in this context also mentions one of the founding projects of the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance: ‘Using science for/in diplomacy for addressing global challenges’ (S4D4C).



Council Conlusions on the EU Global Approach to Research and Innovation