In February 2020, EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel described the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance as a “concrete positive example” of science diplomacy. It is an SD effort between countries along and across the Atlantic Ocean building on the Galway (2013) and Belém (2017) Statements. The EU has invested in more than 40 projects with over EUR 250 million to promote cooperation between European and international scientists from
around the Atlantic, making itself a major investor and player in Atlantic Ocean research.

This report summarises the activities fostering open cooperation for scientific research, environmental stewardship, and sustainable management of marine resources in the Atlantic basin. The Alliance is the result of a continuous science diplomacy process, with the goal of producing knowledge-based solutions for an improved management of the Atlantic Ocean. It bridges countries by aligning research objectives and capacities, sharing costs and co-developing knowledge for societal benefit.

Cite as: European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, All-Atlantic ocean research alliance : a success story of ocean science diplomacy, Nemeth, S.(editor), Casarotto, E.(editor), Gruber, S.(editor), McDonagh, L.(editor), Segebarth, N.(editor), Nagy, E.(editor), Publications Office of the European Union, 2022,

All-Atlantic ocean research alliance: a success story of ocean science diplomacy