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Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) is one of the most prominent worldwide networks of higher education and research organisations, bringing together over 1,000 academic institutions in 119 countries on all continents. Founded 60 years ago, AUF is simultaneously the executive agency for higher education and research of the Conference of Heads of State and government of countries with the French language in common. Upholding active solidarity and inclusiveness as its core values, AUF advocates for scientific knowledge as a decisive societal development driver and carries out impactful projects advancing shared scientific and policy agendas.

AUF & Science Diplomacy: Building on its global outreach, its longstanding expertise in scientific international cooperation and multilateral dialogue, AUF sets forth science diplomacy as a purposeful feature of its mission-oriented 2021-2025 strategy. The corresponding main activities involve producing innovative training content in advocacy and science communication, as well as setting up North-South partnerships fostering transnational and multisectoral responses to global challenges.