The European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance
A collaborative initiative launched by the Horizon 2020 science diplomacy projects S4D4C, InsSciDE and EL-CSID to sustain and grow the networks, impact and momentum consolidated by the three projects.

It aims to further develop, maintain, and organise joint research projects, policy advice, capacity building and training activities on the topic of science diplomacy.

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What is Science Diplomacy?

Science diplomacy is broadly understood as a series of practices that stand at the intersection of the two fields. These practices can help to address global challenges, promote understanding, and increase influence and prosperity. Science diplomacy has been divided into three phenomena: science for diplomacy – the use of science to advance diplomatic objectives; diplomacy for science – the use of diplomatic action to further scientific and technological progress; and science in diplomacy – the direct involvement of science or scientific actors in diplomatic processes.

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