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Dear friends of the Alliance,

In this newsletter, we are excited to share with you some of the Alliance’s recent activities, as well as some major upcoming events.

The EU Science Diplomacy Agenda

In September of last year, the Council Conclusions on the Global Approach to Research & Innovation called for the establishment of a European Science Diplomacy Agenda. This process is now underway and the Alliance is well-represented on the steering committee. With an estimated initial budget of 1 million euro, the Agenda stands to invigorate the role of science diplomacy in the EU’s foreign policy toolbox. The Agenda’s expected launch will be in late 2023 or early 2024, we will keep you informed.

EUTOPIA and Science Diplomacy

EUTOPIA, one of the networks of the European Universities initiative, and comprised of Alliance member VUB, was recently approved to enter its second stage. With this comes funding to arrange a number of science diplomacy workshops that will bring expert voices from the Alliance together with the ten universities under the EUTOPIA umbrella to explore the avenues for academia to become key science diplomacy actors.

Joining forces with the Frontiers Policy Labs

The Frontiers Policy Labs initiative seeks to strengthen the connection between robust scientific research and informed policymaking. Frontiers Policy Labs is soon planning to join forces with the Alliance to launch a science diplomacy platform. More news is expected to follow soon. For more information on Frontiers Policy Labs, see here.

New Members of the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance

Last week was the 4th General Assembly of the Alliance, where we were proud to welcome two new members: Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) and Institut SYMLOG de France. Now with 29 members, the Alliance’s voice for European science diplomacy has grown even stronger, and we look forward to deepening the collaboration between our members and global partners to make a lasting impact in the world of science diplomacy.

New Alliance Working Groups

As the global landscape changes, so too has the Alliance’s focuses. One example is the establishment of a working group that deals with science diplomacy vis-à-vis authoritarian, illiberal, and autocratic states. Rich discussions have emerged from some difficult questions surrounding this topic, and we hope to share some outputs soon.

The Alliance has also started internal discussions about its administrative future, including establishing a legal personality and securing an operating budget. While questions remain to be answered, there is an appetite for a future in which the Alliance moves beyond its volunteer basis to where it is supported in its day-to-day operations by a secretariat.

Other working groups that focus on space diplomacy, EU policy advice, and science as part of the global commons have yet to commence, but the number of interested members indicate they will be up and running in no time.

Reflections from InsSciDE: Interview with Pascal Griset and Claire Mays, previous Chairs of the Alliance

Claire Mays and Pascal Griset chaired the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance from January to June 2022 and coordinated the InsSciDE project, in the interview conducted by Daniella Palmberg, they reflect on this period and the transition from the project’s conclusion to a growing and increasingly active Science Diplomacy Alliance. Read the interview here.


For Your Agenda

SAVE THE DATE: December Seminar of the Alliance: “Thinking, Debating, and Shaping Science Diplomacy”

On 8 December, the Alliance will engage in a seminar entitled “Thinking, Debating and Shaping Science Diplomacy”. Divided into three panels, the day-long event will explore the theoretical understanding of science diplomacy, discuss the geopolitical contexts in which it operates, and, with the aforementioned EU Science Diplomacy Agenda in mind, aim to strike a consensus on how science diplomacy is shaped for the future. While panel participation is expected to be reserved for Alliance members, the seminar will be streamed for wider viewing. More information about the event and the upcoming registration, see here.

Take part TODAY: Science Diplomacy: EU-AU University Collaboration for Just and Sustainable Transition (online)

Organised by the UNESCO Chair in Energy for Sustainable Development at POLIMI, this colloquium, which will take place on 3 November, 17.00-18.30 CET, explores leveraging partnerships and sharing know-how, facilities, innovative teaching and learning methods between EU-AU universities. For more information, see here.

Member event: Workshop on Technology and Science Diplomacy in an Age of Digital Sovereignty and Nuclear Threats (Nürnberg)

Organised by Polytechnic University of Madrid, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, and the EELISA European University, this workshop is the envisioned starting point for establishing a university Certificate on Technology and Science Diplomacy jointly administered by the three aforementioned partners. It will be held on 28 – 29 November. For more information, see here.

Meet our members here: World Science Forum 2022 (Cape Town)

The first WSF organised in Africa, it will be dedicated to science for social justice amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and persistent poverty . Running from 5 – 9 December, WSF 2022 will pay special attention to the African agenda for science, technology and innovation and promoting greater participation by developing countries in global science. For more information, see here.

Submit a contribution on science diplomacy: SUSTAINABILITY RESEARCH AND INNOVATION CONGRESS 2023 (Panama)

The Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2023 has an open Call for Contributions (Deadline is extended to December 21, 2022). Science Diplomacy is explicitly mentioned as one of the themes of the event. Learn more about how to submit a proposal to contribute your ideas for creating a more sustainable planet here.

We are looking forward to meeting you at one of these opportunities!

Kind regards,

EU Science Diplomacy Alliance

Update from the Alliance – November 2022