SCIENCE DIPLOMACY. Foundations and practice

Edited by Simone Arnaldi (University of Trieste) What is science diplomacy? Why is it important in a world marked by global challenges such as climate change and confrontation between great powers? What knowledge can be mobilised to study this emerging

Colloquia on Science Diplomacy MMXXII

The MMXXII edition of the Colloquia on Science Diplomacy, like the previous one, seeks to investigate global issues through the dialogue among authoritative international personalities, in order to lead to a more in-depth understanding of the contemporary world and try

Dispatches from the South China Sea: Navigating to Common Ground

Synopsis: The impact of continuous coastal development, reclamation, destruction of corals, overfishing and increased maritime traffic places all of us on the front lines of preserving our oceans. Marine biologists, who share a common language that cuts across political, economic