Where is the Global South in the Science Diplomacy Narrative?

Where is the Global South in the Science Diplomacy Narrative?

The paper was published in 2022 by Andrei Polejack (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation; World Maritime Univeristy), Jenice Goveas (Indian Institute of Science (IISc)), Sam Robinson (University of Southampton), Tim Flink (Berlin Institute of Health – Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin),

S4D4C research article: Knowledge power Europe

S4D4C research article: Knowledge power Europe

Abstract: In the longstanding debate over how to characterize the EU as a global actor, knowledge is conspicuously missing. We introduce the term Knowledge Power Europe to emphasize the importance of knowledge for the EU’s foreign policy efforts, particularly as

Science Diplomacy Review – April 2021

Science Diplomacy Review Vol. 3 | No. 1 | April 2021 Open Access  https://fisd.in/sites/default/files/SDR_April%202021.pdf  ARTICLES From Securing the State to Safeguarding the Atom: The Relevance of History to Nuclear Diplomacy Maria Rentetzi The Speedy Transmission of Corona Infections – Rebooting

France’s Science Diplomacy

According to the most widely used criterion, nominal GDP, France is the seventh-largest power in the world. With 178 embassies and permanent representations, its diplomatic network is the third largest in the world. A permanent member of the UN Security

Governing Technosciences in the Age of Grand Challenges

This article explores the co-shaping of global challenges and governance of science and technology through time. It aims to address the issue of governance of science and technology as governing through local (regional, national) and international negotiations and institutions. At the center

What Is a Science Diplomat?

The COVID-19 crisis has shown how countries initially responded to a global challenge on their own, instead of relying on a multilateral science diplomacy — based response. Although, science diplomacy has received great attention for the past decade, its meaning and