S4D4C released a special section on its website dedicated to science diplomacy training materials.

What’s the background?

In 2019, S4D4C organised two training workshops on Science Diplomacy – one in October in Trieste and one in November in Vienna. Since then, the project has been working on preparing the training materials used during these workshops for sharing online and tailored them so that they are easily accessible and downloadable. Small parts of the material also come from S4D4C’s networking events in Madrid and Berlin.

The results of these efforts can be now checked on the S4D4C website. Just follow this link!

The page is meant as a real service to the science diplomacy community out there. Not only it provides you with the mentioned material, it also includes a filter to ease and refine your search. 

featured image by Tim Gouw

Training Materials on Science Diplomacy – access and use them at the S4D4C website!
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