In “Tools for an EU Science Diplomacy”, Van Langenhove provides a thorough overview over the perception of and tools for Science Diplomacy in the EU, its member states and beyond. Based on the traditional approach to Science Diplomacy – Diplomacy for Science, Science in Diplomacy and Science for Diplomacy (see above) – the author acknowledges that in the EU and based on EU treaties, science diplomacy is a shared responsibility between the EU and its member states. This in turn makes it quite challenging to carve out a specific role for the EU that complements  the science diplomacy policies of its MS. Based on literature reviews, data analysis and various case studies he examines the strategies, operational tools and support initiatives in Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, the UK, the US and Japan. The author concludes that science diplomacy is not well developed within most of the EU Member States. He suggests to further support Member States’ Science Diplomacy practices, to integrate the role of science diplomacy into the EU’s Global Strategy for CFSP and puts forward six recommendations pursuing these objectives.

Van Langenhove (2017).Tools for an EU Science Diplomacy. DOI: 10.2777/911223

Available here.

Tools for an EU Science Diplomacy