The chapter sheds light on the origins of the term Science Diplomacy, introduces prevalent definitions, and identifies four driving forces which push the development of science diplomacy. Subsequently, we highlight the similarities and differences of activities in France, Germany, the UK, the USA, and by the European Commission. With no common denominator of science diplomacy, several understandings of the concept exist in parallel within and across countries. Lastly, we focus our attention on prospects and challenges for science diplomacy.

Flink, Tim/Rüffin, Nicolas (2019): “The Current State of the Art of Science Diplomacy“. In: Dagmar Simon/Stefan Kuhlmann/Julia Stamm/Weert Canzler (Eds.): Handbook on Science and Public Policy. Handbooks of Research on Public Policy Series. Cheltenham/Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, S. 104–121.DOI:

The Current State of The Art of Science Diplomacy