This edited volume asks the question whether science diplomacy has to be considered a new type of diplomacy and whether it will prove more effective than other forms when it comes to addressing global challenges. After an introductory overview of the emergence of science diplomacy, the book is structured according to the well-known triad ‘Diplomacy for Science’, ‘Science in Diplomacy’ and ‘Science for Diplomacy’. Four contributions are provided in each of these sections. The book aims at dissecting the ways that politics, science and diplomacy have become intertwined, but also at highlighting how the world’s seemingly most intractable problems can be tackled with international collaboration and diplomacy that is rooted in science, and driven by technology. It, therefore, challenges the conventional juxtaposition of science and the world of diplomacy.

Davis, L.S. and Patman, R.G. ed. (2015). Science Diplomacy: New Day or False Dawn?, Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.

Science Diplomacy: New Day or False Dawn?