The S4D4C project is very happy to announce that the next major project outcome is now available online:

“Science Diplomacy in the Making: Case-based insights from the S4D4C project”

This is a volume of compiled results of the nine case studies, researched and developed by mixed teams of researchers from the project partners, and edited by Mitchell Young (Charles University), Tim Flink (DZHW) and Elke Dall (ZSI).

These case studies are at the empirical heart of S4D4C, informing many other parts of the project such as the work on a governance framework and training materials for science diplomats. Each case study provides an overview of the case and its background, context and governance arrangements, further providing a description of the stakeholder landscape and a discussion of governance practices. They look at the EU level as well as selected examples from the national level that vary case to case. The case studies examine the use of knowledge, the relations between governance levels and provide a discussion on how the case improves or changes our understanding of science diplomacy.

The next step in the project is a transversal analysis of the case data, for which S4D4C will identify and explicate a range of issues that matter for science diplomacy based on the work in the volume presented here.

  1. Read more on the case study report HERE
  2. The single reports and a short related 1-pager featuring the most important information from each case can be found under S4D4C’s “output” section
Science Diplomacy in the Making: Case-based insights from the S4D4C project