As the interaction between science and public policy becomes more important to societal development and environmental stewardship at both the national and international levels, there is a growing need to examine the principles underpinning these interactions, as well as the various functions that science must serve in informing policy. The rapid growth of interest in science advice and its role in Science Diplomacy has not been without its challenges. Many such challenges stem from the large scope of relevant issues, a situation made particularly complex by the range and variable state of development of advisory mechanisms across countries with different cultures, modes of government, and levels of economic development. The article hence concentrates on how scientists can advise policy makers. It introduces different categories of science advice (technical, regulatory, deliberative, informal, emergency) and provides one detailed example: The International Network for Government Science Advice.

Gluckman (2016).Science Advice to Governments: An Emerging Dimension of Science Diplomacy.

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Science Advice to Governments: An Emerging Dimension of Science Diplomacy