On January 7th we already posted on our website an announcement for a Call for Papers for science diplomacy-related research articles in the online open access journal Palgrave Communications. Titled ‘The Past, Present and Future of European Science Diplomacy’, the editorial team consisting of S4D4C’s Prof. James Wilsdon, Dr. Mitchell Young and Dr. Alexander Degelsegger-Márquez (S4D4C advisory board member) and colleagues from our two “sister projects” InsSciDE and EL-CSID is welcoming paper submissions in the realm of science diplomacy concepts and practices in the EU and beyond. The editors are encouraging submissions for the following themes more concretely:

  1. Case studies of past, current and future European science diplomacy
  2. The governance of the interface between science and foreign policy
  3. Interrelations between EU and EU Member State science diplomacy
  4. Relation of EU and non-EU science diplomacy
  5. Perception of EU science diplomacy outside the EU

Submissions/proposals will still be welcomed until the end of December 2019 – with a possible extension into 2020. The editorial team has been very happy with the response rate so far and is keen to continue to raise the profile of the collection and to attract additional quality research. We would like the collection of articles to continue to grow and eventually become an evolving repository for research in the area of science diplomacy.

The article collection builds on recent efforts towards the conceptualisation and framing of science diplomacy in a variety of interdisciplinary research projects as well as in the policy discourse. Discussions in the paper submissions can focus on actor constellations, science-policy interfaces, governance arrangements, historical analyses, national and supranational approaches to science diplomacy, to name only a few.

Interested authors should submit a short article proposal (abstract summary) to the Editorial Office in the first instance (until the end of December 2019).

For full details, please see: https://www.nature.com/palcomms/for-authors/call-for-papers#diplomacy
Call for Papers also on Twitter

Reminder: Call for Papers ‘The Past, Present and Future of European Science Diplomacy’ still open until December 2019!