In 2005, the AAAS published a resource gathering a number of papers illustrating how differently Science Diplomacy is perceived across different countries. Thereby, single contributions elaborate on different national approaches that each seek to address a variety of goals: some are driven to increase a nation’s economic growth and innovation, others focus more on increasing national influence and global connectivity, and some approaches are designed with an eye towards the public diplomacy value of raising the global image of a nation. In each, there is an emphasis on how science and technology can help address national priorities and important global and societal challenges. Analysing the perceptions to science diplomacy in Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and the US, the reader hence seeks to aid the understanding of different national approaches to science diplomacy, especially the different drivers, motivations, mechanisms, and tools that countries are using to articulate their foreign policy priorities.

AAAS (2005).National Approaches to Science Diplomacy: An Education Resource. Available here.


National Approaches to Science Diplomacy: An Education Resource