On January 21, S4D4C had the chance to present its activities in an event for Italian Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in Brussels. The event was organised by school4SID, the “School for Science IN decision processes and Diplomacy”, which is an initiative by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). This initiative focuses on training measures in relation to the complexity of decision making in policy and diplomacy. The importance of taking new approaches was highlighted by the Italian MEP Daniela Rondinelli, who opened the event by illustrating the difficulties of making decisions in a context where the time to understand impacts and interrelations is short. School4SID offers training courses as well as adaptable and scalable educational programmes introducing a new approach to negotiations and decisions.

Max Paoli (TWAS) on behalf of S4D4C at the event

S4D4C’s stance in the discussion was drawing from an intervention by Max Paoli (The World Academy of Sciences), who mentioned the project’s case studies contextualising different perspectives of internationalisation and the project’s approach to use the evidence generated in training activities. Using scientific methods allows decision makers to distance themselves from beliefs, and such an approach is a useful perspective, which provides added value. Global challenges increasingly demonstrate that decision making, that is dominated by search for unlimited economic growth, comes at a cost. The scientific method points towards the precautionary principle, the circular economy, and the importance to reduce inequalities, etc.

You can read the full article at the S4D4C website.

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