Presentation on Careers in Science Diplomacy

This presentation is a description of the career path of a science diplomat. It is best delivered by the author, as she described her experience and achievements in Science Diplomacy. Nonetheless, it contains notes and links in case workshop organisers

Introduction to EU Science Diplomacy

Understanding EU Science Diplomacy requires basic knowledge of European institutions and policies, both regarding science and foreign affairs. This presentation provides an overview of EU Science Diplomacy, including activities under the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen

Indroductory Presentation

This presentation provides general introduction of different science diplomacy aspects. Before entering into the discussion of what science diplomacy is, it might be worth dealing first with a quick glance at the state of the world today and the challenges

Health Diplomacy

The presentation outlines global health as one of the examples for Science Diplomacy. It provides the audience with a concrete example of how Science Diplomacy is used and can be further used to tackle global challenges.   DOWNLOAD here you can