Cooperation & Bonding in Science Diplomacy Training

Cooperation & Bonding in Science Diplomacy Training

A strong science diplomacy training should foster a dynamic environment, conducive to long-term connections among participants (if not already acquainted). Based on survey responses and continued interaction among alumni, InsSciDE could conclude that this was achieved to great satisfaction in

Curriculum Prototype for Science Diplomacy Training

Curriculum Prototype for Science Diplomacy Training

The Curriculum Prototype for SD Training can be used to replicate elements of InsSciDE’s pilot program Warsaw Science Diplomacy School (WSDS), which was hosted in June 2020 and with enhancements in June 2021. Key program documents from both editions illuminate

What makes for good SD training? Lessons from WSDS Evaluations

What makes for good SD training? Lessons from WSDS Evaluations

Warsaw Science Diplomacy School (WSDS), organized by the InsSciDE project, delivered in-depth training in science diplomacy with a historical and strategic framing, for two cohorts in June 2020 and 2021. As a pilot program, InsSciDE also sought to evaluate the

Co-creation workshop

With this training material S4D4C presents an empirically founded co-creation approach to exploring and understanding the contemporary topic of science diplomacy. A core aspect of the envisioned approach is the openness of the discussion. This ideally suits the development of

SciDiplo Bingo

The SciDiplo Bingo is a game to foster networking and interaction among workshop attendees. It combines professional and personal information exchange and provides an interactive environment to reflect on the acquired knowledge. Here you can find the printable material DOWNLOAD

Closing quiz on science diplomacy

This is an interactive competitive session where participants reply to questions in an online survey that tests their acquired knowledges from the conference or training workshop. This closing quiz on science diplomacy aims to make participants reflect on their acquired

Ice-breaking-Interactive Session

This is an interactive session to kick off a training workshop in Science Diplomacy to identify knowledge strengths and weaknesses in participants, followed by a short presentation to establish some basic concepts and introduce the whole workshop structure. With this

Science Diplomacy Stakeholders

Science Diplomacy is a fluid concept that depends on the challenge addressed, the sector and field concerned, the regions/countries involved. As it is very context specific, science diplomats needs skills to adequately map the stakeholder landscape they operate in. This

Roundtable on Careers in Science Diplomacy

This material provides guidelines to organise a roundtable bringing together different professionals working in Science Diplomacy to share their expertise and career backgrounds, highlighting skills and career transition motives or stages. The roundtable aims to showcase the variety of professional

Diplomacy meets Science, Science meets Diplomacy

The aim of this session is to talk with experienced science diplomats about key questions like what do they understand as Science Diplomacy, who does it and how it is done. You can find the material and information on its