InsSciDE – Inventing a shared Science Diplomacy for Europe – presents the first edition of an innovative training program for the present and future science diplomats of Europe. The Warsaw Science Diplomacy School (WSDS 2020: Virtual), hosted 22-26 June 2020 in collaboration with the European Academy of Diplomacy, is a one-week intensive course with competitive enrolment. It will immerse trainees in historical case studies of science diplomacy and its practitioners, to develop policy and strategic outcomes relevant to the global challenges of today.

Please visit the Warsaw Science Diplomacy School event page for detailed information about the training program, nomination process and general application.

The week will consist of a deliberate balance between interactive workshops by InsSciDE experts and scenario exercises. A portion of sessions will be related to the broad theme of ‘Risk, Safety and Security within Science Diplomacy’ and general elements of the training include:

  • Future scenarios
  • Historical case studies
  • Science diplomacy strategy
  • Impactful policy planning

InsSciDE researchers from our work packages on Environment, Health and the transversal study of Science Diplomats will shed light on the practices and practitioner of science diplomacy observed in case studies spanning the 19th century until present time. Drawing on these historical analyses, we deliver training in the skills revealed by our case studies – and immediately employ them towards today’s global challenges.

Who can apply?

The training program will be a highly engaging experience suitable for professionals or PhD students with a dedicated interest in developing their science diplomacy skills and knowledge, and an enthusiasm for contributing to the emerging network of European science diplomats.

We aim to foster a diverse and interdisciplinary cohort of trainees in order to embellish our interactive workshops with contrasting perspectives and experiences. Therefore, we welcome applicants of various professional and academic backgrounds, with varying degrees of science diplomacy knowledge and from across the European continent.

Apply before 16 May!

Know of a particularly suitable candidate? Submit a nomination!

See the WSDS event page for more information.

InsSciDE Presents: Warsaw Science Diplomacy School 2020