Curriculum Prototype for Science Diplomacy Training

Curriculum Prototype for Science Diplomacy Training

The Curriculum Prototype for SD Training can be used to replicate elements of InsSciDE’s pilot program Warsaw Science Diplomacy School (WSDS), which was hosted in June 2020 and with enhancements in June 2021. Key program documents from both editions illuminate

Simulation Game on Joint programming: The ‘Common pot’ game

The ‘Common pot’ simulation game is based on the European research Framework programmes, the main funding instrument for research and innovation in the European Union (EU). It is suitable to develop skills in several fields like negotiations, effective verbal communication,

Co-creation workshop

With this training material S4D4C presents an empirically founded co-creation approach to exploring and understanding the contemporary topic of science diplomacy. A core aspect of the envisioned approach is the openness of the discussion. This ideally suits the development of

Exercise on Negotiations Skills

This exercise introduces the topic of negotiations. This session adds an interactive element to your training: the participants can exchange their experiences and create their own Do ́s and Don ́t. The exercise offers a good transition to the main

Global Health and Science Diplomacy

This simulation exercise aims at providing insights in the complexities of consensus building around data sharing and open science. It wants to bring to the fore the different positions and interests of stakeholders and their many factors influencing decision making.

Solar Radiation Management

Solar radiation management is a theoretical approach to reducing some of the impacts of climate change. The session involves a short description of the approach as well as a jigsaw negotiation exercise on the topic. The exercise aims at appreciating

Science Diplomacy Stakeholders

Science Diplomacy is a fluid concept that depends on the challenge addressed, the sector and field concerned, the regions/countries involved. As it is very context specific, science diplomats needs skills to adequately map the stakeholder landscape they operate in. This

Study Trips

We recommend to include a study visit in any of your training programmes and share some lessons learnt from the S4D4C experiences: The S4D4C-Workshop in Trieste included a field visit to the synchrotron facility Elettra. The visit aimed at highlighting