The Executive Agency for Higher Education, research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI) is the national funding agency for higher education, research, development and innovation in Romania, under the authority of the Ministry of National Education (MEN). Designed to promote quality and leadership for higher education, research, development and innovation, UEFISCDI works to set up the framework for scientific research within the national budget and other sources; to fund high quality research and innovation projects in Romania; to provide science policy expertise; to assist all the initiatives undertaken by the MEN advisory councils related to the cooperation with other similar national or international councils; to promote Romanian higher education and research and innovation cooperation at international level.

Our motivation to join the EU Science Diplomacy Alliance is rooted in our mission of being a visionary and in our active implication in international projects and programmes. We are strongly committed to develop and implement mechanisms and collaborative initiatives in science and innovation able to facilitate international partnerships, to valorize synergies and to create critical mass and potential for subsequent collaboration. Being aware of the complex environment in which both innovation and modern diplomacy are conducted nowadays’, we are interested to expand our network and to better understand how we can build strong bridges between the world of innovators and that of diplomats. Through our constantly involvement in international activities with other national funding agencies for innovation (e.g. Enterprise Ireland, ANR — France, AEI — Spain, FFG — Austria, Innoviris — Belgium, FCT — Portugal, Vinnova — Sweden, Innovate UK, RCN — Norway etc.) and our excellent collaboration with various diplomatic missions present in Romania (e.g. French Embassy, British Embassy, US Embassy, Dutch Embassy, Norwegian Embassy etc.), we are aware that interconnectivity is the key for tackle global challenges and for managing international affairs.

We share the goals of the Alliance and we are eager to contribute to their implementation with our knowledge, expertise, and multi-level innovation community. Our work, focused on funding great ideas to become the reality economics of tomorrow and on contributing to internationalization of the higher education and to bolstering collaboration for a sustainable innovation ecosystem, enables us to provide science policy expertise, supporting the Alliance to sustain the dialogue on EU science diplomacy and to cultivate new opportunities to progress theory and practice of science diplomacy in Europe. Thus, we will inform and share with the other members of the Alliance our experience in facilitating international scientific collaboration and our innovation based knowledge which can inform decision making process at international level, while we are looking for lessons and promising practices advancing collaboration between nations, relevant at European level.

We aspire to find our place in the science diplomacy field and to be acknowledged at a reliable partner from both diplomats and scientists. Success feeds success, but only if it is recognized and we are confident that together, within the Alliance, we can co-develop sustainable ways to accelerate the development of new effective practices in science diplomacy.