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Date(s) - 21/09/2022 - 23/09/2022
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This Global Conference for Diaspora Networks in Science is a continuation of the recent Global Diaspora Summit which outlined the future agenda of action for global diaspora engagement through the Dublin Declaration. As the world emerges at various paces from the COVID-19 pandemic, the GDS serves as a statement of global commitment and collaboration to the advancement of Objective 19 of the GCM – “Create conditions for migrants and diasporas to fully contribute to sustainable development in all countries” – and of the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals. This commitment comes at a time of opportunity to engage diaspora and transnational communities, including diaspora youth, as partners for both humanitarian response and development, to mobilize the diverse range of diaspora capitals – cultural, economic, social and human – for the benefits of societies in countries of origin and destination and the protection of migrants and saving lives. The Conference aims to enable science diaspora from all scientific disciplines, including basic, social, applied, and humanities to come together – and with other multi-stakeholders such as academia, governments, industry and media – to learn from each other, share experiences, challenges, and success and identify best practices that can make these networks more efficient in their work wherever the scientists are located, and especially in their home countries. There are different lessons to be learned from different stories of diaspora networks with their native countries. From September the 21st till September the 23rd, the Global Conference for Diaspora Networks in Science will shed light on these exact lessons to inspire, catalyse and bring about change.

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Topics discussed include various keynotes and sessions on …
  • Diaspora Scientists as Social Entrepreneurs
  • Public Impact: How to increase the public ranking for your research?
  • Early Career Scientific Diaspora of the Southeast Asian Region: Opportunities and Aspirations
  • Engaging Honduran Science Diasporas for Development: Evidence From Three Consolidated Networks
  • IIE-SRF Distance Learning Initiative (DLI)
  • Building the Resilience of Forced Migrants through Science & Education
  • Our Personal Alumni Networks as a Catalyst for Collective Science Innovation
  • Diasporic Women in healthcare landscape: transnational resilience and leadership
  • The Importance of Diaspora Researchers for Innovation in Science
  • Diaspora’s definitions/terminology/examples
  • How Can Alumni Networks Spark Science Innovation and Leadership?
  • Challenges to connecting Brazilian Science, Technology and Innovation Diasporas with homeland
  • Keynote: Inspire, Catalyse, Do, Harnessing the Potential of Global Diaspora
  • Nuclear energy for subsaharian african countries
  • Women and technology
  • A proposed model for a global academy to achieve SDG4
  • TWAS Programmes: Building Capacity in Science and Technology in the Global South
  • Gender, science and migration discussion for early career researchers
  • Georgian Diaspora and Science across borders
  • African Scientists in the Diaspora: Successes and Challenges
  • Connecting Scientists Residing Abroad: A Review of Converciencia as a Practice to Engage the Guatemalan Scientific Diaspora From 2005–2020
  • OWSD Country Networks working with the diaspora
  • European Scientific Diasporas in the U.S: Challenges and Expectations
  • IOM Diaspora Mapping Toolkit: a comprehensive methodology for diaspora studies and policy
  • Management of S&T
  • The contribution of Diaspora University Research Students to the fight against cancer epidemics in both their host and native nations
  • How to drive engagement across your diaspora
  • Connected scientific diasporas impacting science diplomacy and policy making
  • Roundtable on Scientific Diaspora Networks’ Challenges, Successes, and Future Goals
  • Immigrant scientist
  • Diaspora Scientists: The challenges of engaging them
  • How to become a leader! by Alejandra Sierra: First Woman President of Biotechnology Commission in Guatemala
  • Diaspora in Science success stories, challenges, and best practice
  • After 56 Years from Jordan to Hanover
  • Unifying female diasporas in science
  • Diversity in science, technology and innovation (STI)
  • Female sharp minded
  • Connecting Women Scientists in the Scientific Diaspora: Experiences from OWSD in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • VENEZUELA, a newcomer to the diaspora world
  • Building Bridges in Latin American through Diasporas in Science
  • Immigrant Workshop: Tips for those who just moved to the U.S. or are thinking about moving
  • Managing the Covid19 pandemic through international cooperation and the country’s own strengths: What we learned
  • Engaging the Guatemala Scientific Diaspora: The Power of Networking and Shared Learning
Global Conference for Diaspora Networks in Science