The University of Trieste (UNITS) is an internationally oriented university located in Trieste, a city on the Italian eastern border that has always been a crossroad where the Mediterranean, Central and Eastern European cultures met. The Department of Political and Social Sciences (Dispes) continues this tradition by promoting international and multidisciplinary collaborations on the crucial economic, social and political challenges facing our societies.
The Department of Political and Social Sciences (Dispes) has a long tradition of teaching and research on diplomacy and international relations, with a Bachelor of Arts focusing on these subjects dating back to 1990, and with a more recent Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Cooperation. As the University of Trieste is part of “Trieste Science City”, a network of leading international and national higher education and research organizations located in Trieste, the Department sees science diplomacy as a crucial area of its broader mission and focus on the many facets of international studies.