Water Diplomacy

The material presents the case study “Water diplomacy and its future in the national, regional, and European environments” within the S4D4C project. The S4D4C case on water diplomacy illustrates that there is no single understanding of the link between water

Ice-breaking-Interactive Session

This is an interactive session to kick off a training workshop in Science Diplomacy to identify knowledge strengths and weaknesses in participants, followed by a short presentation to establish some basic concepts and introduce the whole workshop structure. With this

Diplomacy meets Science, Science meets Diplomacy

The aim of this session is to talk with experienced science diplomats about key questions like what do they understand as Science Diplomacy, who does it and how it is done. You can find the material and information on its

Introduction to EU Science Diplomacy

Understanding EU Science Diplomacy requires basic knowledge of European institutions and policies, both regarding science and foreign affairs. This presentation provides an overview of EU Science Diplomacy, including activities under the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen

Indroductory Presentation

This presentation provides general introduction of different science diplomacy aspects. Before entering into the discussion of what science diplomacy is, it might be worth dealing first with a quick glance at the state of the world today and the challenges