Call for Applications for the ExPoSTID (ExPost Italian Diplomacy) Spring School 2022. 

The Spring School in Techno-Scientific Diplomacy 2022, organized by the Alliance’s member University of Padua and the University of Roma Tre, is a research workshop that aims at creating an experimental Master. Through an innovative and original approach, the Master will allow the participants to understand the nexus among science, diplomacy and decision-making processes, in a world with an expanding technological density that requires techno-scientific diplomatic initiatives in support of quick and adequate responses to growing challenges.

The Spring School intends to provide full relevance to the role of science and technology in the international context. Specifically, considering the European and the international perspectives, Italy has developed important techno-scientific skills that have stimulated experiences of cooperation and competition in a dynamic diplomatic framework. On the ground the previous evidence gathered from the ExPOST ID project and through international history, archival research and oral history, the Spring School will offer participants the opportunity to learn from the past experiences and use them to identify and address future challenges. Moreover, thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, the Spring School aims at creating a network of scholars, diplomats and scientists interested in understanding the international context.

The application is open to MA undergraduate and postgraduate students, PhDs and PhD students in techno-scientific fields, humanities, and political and social sciences.

Deadline: 20 February 2022

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