The nucleus of this network is based on partner organisations of three projects exploring the topic, funded under the European Union’s H2020 programme:

  1. EL-CSID – European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy (grant n° 693799, 2016 – 2019)
  2. InsSciDE – Inventing a shared Science Diplomacy for Europe (grant n° 770523, 2017 – 2022)
  3. S4D4C – Using science for/in diplomacy for addressing global challenges (grant n° 770342, 2018 – 2021)

The projects and their respective research consortia focused on different aspects of science diplomacy and building bridges between the world of scientists and that of diplomats, with the goal of understanding and facilitating how global challenges can be addressed together and in a more efficient way. Based on their results, with the idea to structure and broaden the European networks emerging from the project activities, several parties commit themselves to further nurture the community of research and practice and build a sustainable partnership.

The EU Science Diplomacy Alliance will facilitate interactions and dialogue, training, institutional capacity building and coordination of grant-seeking or use of joint funding, if available. The Alliance is a hub for cooperative activities and voluntary coordination, and relies upon the participating membership community and networks to highlight and select different areas and innovative activities to be pursued. It is hoped that a great variety of societal challenges may be addressed over time.

The activities of the Alliance will aim to  further develop, maintain, and organse joint research projects, capacity building and training activities (such as open online courses, summer schools, trainings, etc.) on the topic of science diplomacy.

We are currently undertaking concrete steps to launch this Alliance with a first meeting in June. More information on the alliance and its first meeting will be made available on this website in the course of April.



Announcing the European Union Science Diplomacy Alliance