As part of Warsaw Science Diplomacy School 2021 (WSDS), an introductory lecture on Power with Science Diplomacy was coupled with a case study on UK-EU environmental diplomacy in the 1980s. Theory meets practice in the subsequent discussion as the speakers examine their presentations’ areas of overlap and demonstrate how historical cases can fortify understanding of science diplomacy as a practice.

Moderator: Christina Bürgi-Dellsperger, Embassy of Switzerland in Vienna, formerly UNESCO Policy Advisor.


Rasmus Bertelsen (“Power with Science Diplomacy”): UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Simone Turchetti (“Bojo, Brussels and Brexit: charting the environmental diplomacy ancestry of Britain’s separation from the EU”): University of Manchester, UK


The WSDS is organized by the Horizon 2020 project InsSciDE – Inventing a shared Science Diplomacy for Europe. Learn more:

Science Diplomacy in Power, Brexit & the Environment – WSDS21

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